tramadol for childrenThe FDA does not recommend Tramadol for children who are below 12 years because; this medication can cause life-threatening breathing problems. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned people by providing reports.

The FDA has also informed to put a warning statement on the label about the potential dangers that are triggered while taking Tramadol by children.

Even pregnant woman are not supposed to take this drug because the traces of the ingredient would pass on to the fetus causing fatal respiratory depression. This is the same case when women who breastfeed their babies take Tramadol medication.

Some factors that are to be known about Tramadol

The FDA received adverse reports from the year 1969. In this period, there were 64 cases of serious breathing issues and among that 24 cases were fatal. When children who are below 12 years of age were provided with Tramadol medication they definitely suffered from adverse effects. For few children, a single dose of this drug was enough to cause these effects in them.

Although it was already mentioned clearly to the doctors, few of them are still continuing to prescribe Tramadol to children for treating pain. The adverse effects of this medication would be very high when a child who is below 18 years of age is already suffering from obesity, weakened respiratory system, or obstructive sleep apnea.

Taking Tramadol would only increase the possibility of dangerous breathing problem and would not treat pain.

What should parents do while getting a medication to treat pain for their children?

Parents have to ensure whether the drug that is prescribed to their children contains any kind of opioid or not. They can also go about asking whether the medication that is instructed contains Tramadol. If they say yes, then you can ask for alternative pain relief pills that do not contain opioid. We know that there are only fewer options for treating pain but it is also important that the parents should take the warning seriously.

Can you give Tramadol to children after a surgery?

Surgery pain is unbearable and the issue increases when it is a child. Children would not bear any pain and they get irritated so often because of it. It is generally prescribed after the surgery of Tonsils and adenoids. But, you are not supposed to provide children with this medication in any situation.

We have already mentioned earlier that you need to search for an alternative option to cure pain.

What should you do if your child is currently taking Tramadol medication?

If your child is currently taking Tramadol medication then you have to immediately talk to the doctor about it. Never ever suddenly stop the drug abruptly as this would cause severe ill effects in them.

There would be an increase in the risk of getting affected by withdrawal symptoms. It is a must to stop the medication but it should be done gradually. First, a doctor would decrease the dosage strength of Tramadol and after some time they would gradually decrease the interval of the medication that is taken then leading to halting the treatment.

Since you have come to know about the hazards that are caused in the children below 18 while taking Tramadol, you have to be careful while getting a medication prescribed in the future.