tramadol and alcoholThe pain reliever is contradicted by the use of CNS acting medications and alcohol. Both this stimulant is found to act in the CNS as both are acting in the same manner of depressing the activity concerned with Central Nervous System, this adversely acts in enhancing the causes of side effects of using Tramadol. Some situations this may become life-threatening to most patients. The active ingredient present in this Tramadol will suppress the activity of the brain and when combined with similar stronger suppressant the effect will be aggressive and is difficult to judge.

Interaction of Tramadol with alcoholic beverages

While prescribing Tramadol it is noted that people abused to any other kind of medication are not recommended with Tramadol. And the condition goes true for people abusing alcohol. As the patients may have increased risk of developing dependence and this risk is increased when combined with alcohol. To avoid the harmful effects of prior this Tramadol is not recommended for patients addicted to alcohol or to those who are consuming alcohol in larger amounts.

Mixing both stronger CNS stimulants will result in serious health problems. The effect of Tramadol will cause sedation effect in the patient this may be the cause of many serious and dangerous situations. When the medicine is combined with alcohol the tolerance level of the patient is reduced hence the patient can’t continue the usual level of alcohol that he can take in normal days. Also, this reduced tolerance level will increase the risk of involving in high attention seeking mechanism such as driving a car and operating the machinery.

Also, this stimulant combination is potential enough to cause serious health hazards such as hepatic problems and if the patient is suffering from liver damage or any other disorder will have increased efficiency of this trouble.

The addition of this Tramadol and alcohol will cause many adverse effects such as psychological and physical side effects. The seizure threshold is reduced potentially by Tramadol. This condition is risky for people suffering from seizures and epilepsy.

Other possible adverse effects of Tramadol

The following are detected side effects in the medical report of people abusing Tramadol and alcohol

  • Lack of coordination
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Feel of sedation and sleepiness
  • Dizziness and loss of memory
  • Change in your behavior
  • Vertigo
  • Breath depression
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Even coma and death was also reported in rare cases

The extended use of this Tramadol along with alcohol will be life threatening which needs the immediate response of Doctors advice. Hence the use of this medication should be governed carefully as the abuse can cause severe harm to the patient.

If you are prescribed to take Tramadol under your physician’s advice then the habit of drinking alcohol should be discussed without any hesitations. The amount that you usually have to take should be reported to the Doctor. Regarding the tolerance and dependence capacity, the respective dosage will be prescribed.

Dependence and withdrawal effect of Tramadol

It is seen that people can easily become dependent on Tramadol and the effect of alcohol will be suppressed which induced the patient to take in larger quantities. Hence, this causes rapid dependence in them. When the patient tries to withdraw from this effect or when tried to stop abruptly the withdrawal effects will be severe. Withdrawing both Tramadol and alcohol will cause serious health issues. It will end with life-threatening effects. The withdrawal symptoms include hallucination, state of confusion, agitation, panic attacks, weird skin sensation such as numbness, tingling. When planned to withdraw consult the doctor to prevent the lethal effects.