At website we ensure not to gather information or rather reveal your personal data without getting appropriate assent from the concerned individuals. In the event of the information disclosure, it is mostly to do with the demanding of the same from the legal enforcement wing. Our company does not strictly monetize any details pertaining to the individuals that are the customers of our online portals for whatsoever is the necessity. The personal details which you provide on the website will be used only for the evolving initiative and our endeavor to provide unmatched service and quality to our patrons at all points of time. Our business has earned the trustworthiness through each and every transaction made on the online portal. This becomes a sole criterion to protect the privacy of our customers’ personal details and also exercise extreme caution when there is an involvement of a third party service provider during the course of our firm joining hands with other. We have taken upon ourselves to adhere to all the safety measures with regards to maintaining the personal details of our customers in accordance with the rules framed by the government at all the times.