Tramadol is a medication prescribed to patients to relieve pain. The pain can be from moderate to moderately severe. The pill is fast acting usually having results within an hour. The drug is categorized under Schedule IV prescription-only drugs in the US and in most other countries like Australia and UK. In case you do not have time to visit your General Practitioner, the drug can be bought online. Buying Tramadol can be a tricky business. If you want to get high quality product then you have to look for the best place to order Tramadol online. Be informed of the following facts regarding buying Tramadol online safely:

1. Getting an online Prescription

tramadol prescriptionThe online pharmacy will require that you fill a form prior to receiving your prescription. The form will require your medical history, details of any medicals which you are currently on and basic health information. The information you provide will then be processed to ensure that it is safe for you to take Tramadol. This analysis will be done by an online doctor and the patient will be charged a fee for this consultation. Once the prescription is given for the correct dose of Tramadol, the patient can proceed to buy Tramadol from the online store.

2. Choosing the right pharmacy

 tramadol online pharmacy

To ensure that the medication you order is authentic, first thing is to ensure the pharmacy is legitimate. Look for NABP approved pharmacies which carry VIPPS stamp. This will ensure that the pharmacy is verified. The following are some of the red flags to identify a fake pharmacy:

  • It’s located outside the United States and does not specify a location.
  • It does not appear on the published list of state board verified pharmacies available at the website of the
  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
  • It does not have a licensed doctor or pharmacist available online
  • It does not require any prescription to buy Tramadol
  • The website does not provide contact information or any customer service
  • The online pharmacy keeps sending emails which are unsolicited by the customer

3. Protecting yourself

A study conducted by the FDA reported that only 3 to 4% of online pharmacies are genuine. These fake or rogue online pharmacies can sell you Tramadol which is not genuine and can cause harm to your health. These pills can resemble the reals ones accurately and the consumer is very easily misled. The following are some of the discrepancies that can be faced:

  • The Tramadol is contaminated.
  • The drug is a placebo and does nothing to help the pain.
  • The drug has ingredients which lead to harmful side effects.
  • The pill has the wrong composition or no active ingredients.
  • The drug is improperly packed and stored

4. Official manufactures of Tramadol

tramadol manufactures

Tramadol comes under various trade names. These are Ultram, Ultram ER, and Conzip. Additionally, it is available in combination with acetaminophen under the trade names Ultracet. Though Tramadol might be manufactured in other countries under other trade names it is smart for the consumer to be aware of the drug being sold under names not listed above. Research the pill and manufactures completely before purchasing Tramadol under other brand names.

5. Generic saves you money

generic tramadol

When you have the choice of brand and generic form medication, your primary concern should be on generic medication. And also ask your medical practitioner to recommend the generic medical course for your ailment if possible. Tramadol painkiller available generic forms for immediate release tablets as well as extended release tables hence purchasing any one of these will probably save hundreds of dollars.

For the best example, one unit price of 60 brand Tramadol 200 mg pills cost about $ 3.62, while one unit price of 60

For instance, 60 tablets of the prompt discharge bland tramadol cost about $8.00, all things considered, utilizing a typical online remedy markdown coupon (costs will differ around the nation). Be that as it may, the brand name Ultram runs near $200 for a similar sum and quality.

6. Never make it a habit

Although Tramadol belongs to the complete opiate drug family, it has the potential to exhibit a weak inhibition of re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine so that people who have a background of drug abuse might be at the risk of addiction or danger of habit. Tramadol identified with certain opioids such as morphine and codeine which have the potential to cause physical and psychological dependence, withdrawal effects, and drug-seeking habit or behavior. To avoid such issues, take Tramadol only as a short-term treatment.

If you are really thinking that you are going to be dependent, then discuss with your healthcare professional who prescribed this treatment to prescribe alternative pain reliever drugs. This is because the use of medication should not be stopped abruptly without the guidance of doctor once you get addicted to the medication. By doing so, you have the chances to experience withdrawal symptoms. With that in mind, consult your doctor and lessen the dosage strength of the drug gradually.

7. Overdose symptoms:

tramadol overdose

The greatest risk of Tramadol abuse is an overdose, and it can lead a person towards accidental death. Tramadol overdose would not occur if you have taken the medication as directed by your healthcare specialist.

Taking or consumption’s of higher doses will make you overdose, particularly after a relapse. People who are using this medication for a longer period of time may develop a high tolerance towards the drug. As a result, they require a larger dose in order to achieve the initial effect or to feel high. After stopping the medication for a time-frame and relapsing, then addicted people may not understand their resilience is lower and end up taking a dosage that is too high, which can prompt an inadvertent overdose.

Moreover, there is one more factor which can cause the risk of overdosing on Tramadol that is the combination of Tramadol, and other central nervous system depressants include other opioid pain reliever, benzodiazepines class of drugs, alcohol, and so on. Therefore, people who have medical conditions which associated with antidepressants, sleep aid drugs or tranquilizers, sedatives, and opiates should take extra caution. This is because taking Tramadol with afore-mentioned medications can increase the risk of overdose significantly.

Overdose Tramadol symptoms may include:

  • Cold, skin issues
  • Problem or difficulty in breathing
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Decreased size of the pupil
  • Depression in respiratory
  • Come and sometimes death

8. Know the history of Tramadol

tramadol history

Tramadol is new to the market when compared to other painkiller medications. In 1962, German Drug Company designed and formulated this medication, and they are specialized in manufacturing pain-related medications.

The medication had been under the test for almost 15 years in German before being brought to the market. The drug was released in the year of 1977 under the name of Tramal.

After the release, Tramadol started to become a huge success and also widely prescribed for pain relief treatment. However, the medication became available in the U.S in the year of 1995, and now this drug is quite popular in America.

9. Tramadol prescription with respect to the year

From the above graph, you can find that the requirement of Tramadol prescription increased rapidly from 2013 to 2017. Around 147 million prescriptions were filled during the period of five years. In 2018 (not listed on the above graph), another increase in the prescription from U.S alone but this time 44 million.

10. Tramadol abusing

Despite the fact that the medication is believed to be moderately safe because of its low potential abusing nature, one of the major problems in America is Tramadol dependence or addiction, and it continues around the world as well. The effect of drug abuse will be similar to other opiates include:

  • Relaxed and calm feeling
  • Detached or numb feeling
  • Heavy and lethargic feeling

Though the negative impacts of the medications are similar, as per the data from World Health Organization, the rates of abuse are comparatively low. Take a look at the following details:

  • In between 1995 to 1998, Tramadol abuse rate was just only 1 to 3 per 100000 cases.
  • In between 1999 to 2000, Tramadol abuse rate was only one among 100000 cases.
  • In 2004, Tramadol abuse rate remained low.

According to research, about 95% of people who abused the drug have the history of drug abuse in past which means people who have a history of addiction will be more likely to abuse Tramadol.

However, abusing pain reliever medications becomes an overall problem of America. Refer below-shown graphs to get more information about pain reliever abuse.

How many people have used Tramadol and other pain relievers non-medically in their lifetime?

How many people used Tramadol and other pain relievers non-medically in the last month?

How many people used Tramadol and other pain relievers non-medically in the last year?

As mentioned above, Tramadol abuse overall rates in between 2017 to 2016 are trending downwards and the reasons are given below:

  • Lifetime use of non-medical decreased up to around 1.5 million
  • Past year use of non-medical use reduced up to 1.4 million
  • Last month use of non-medical decreased up to 340,000.

This is the overall representation of all pain reliever medication which available in the market. According to 2014, Drug Enforcement Administration has reported that almost 3.2 million people in the U.S have used Tramadol as a non-medical purpose during their lifetime.

Consider the below line graph to know the detailed information about abuse of prescription with respect to pain reliever use among teenagers.

How many youths use Tramadol and other pain relievers non-medically?

High school students From the U.S have tracked by National Institute on Drug Abuse in order to know the non-medical use of alcohol as well as drugs or medications. Tramadol has categorized along with narcotics substance for the tracking purpose because it is hard for them to track Tramadol individually. And the report indicated the following results:

  • The use of lifetime has cut down from 13% to 5% in the year of 2015.
  • The Last year use of Tramadol medication has cut down from 8.7% to 1% in the year of 2015.
  • The last month use of Tramadol medication has cut down from 3.6% to 2% in the year of 2015.

11. Market of Tramadol

Though the prescription of Tramadol is increased, drug abuse keeps on declining. But it is still the drug is popular and prescribed widely across the world. In fact, the range of Tramadol street price for 60 pills will be around $23 to $55.

12. Emergency room visits of people who attempted suicide due to Tramadol

Over the past few years, the rate of prescription is increasing whereas the abuse or mishandling of the medication is decreasing. Trends can give you the exact patterns of medication and how it abuses in the market as well. Thereby, Tramadol internet search trends revealed the following information.

  • Since 2005, Tramadol search interest has been increasing rapidly.
  • Tramadol search volume is presently almost an unequaled high after a slight plunge and recuperation from the year of 2017.
  • Certain states such as Louisiana, Alabama, and Oklahoma have shown largest amount of interest when compared to other states.
  • Tramadol searches were broad in all over the U.S until 2012 but after this Texas and Florida only shown the higher concentration of this drug search.

13. Google trends – for Ultram search

Many people are searching Ultram (trade name of Tramadol) specifically in Google search trends so that it possesses the high volume of searches rather than Tramadol. Read below to know more about search trends for Ultram.

  • As like Tramadol, Ultram also started to increase consistently from 2005 to 2017.
  • Google trend predicts that the amount of search will increase in future as well.
  • As like Tramadol, some states are very much interested in Ultram, and the states are Alabama, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.
  • Particularly, cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, and San Antonia have shown more concentration about the drug.

14. Law and Tramadol

Tramadol is legal for the people when they have taken with doctor’s prescription or doctor recommendation. But there have been a few changes to its status.

In 2007, Arkansas is the state which classified Tramadol as a schedule IV substance and later in 2008, the state of Kentucky has followed the same.

In 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has started to monitor and restricted the use of Tramadol by moving under the category of schedule IV drug throughout the country. The schedule IV classification indicates:

  • This medication is absolutely useful for the medical need conditions.
  • This medication has the only a minimal amount of the abusing risk when compared to other class of scheduled drugs such as III, II, and I.
  • Prescriptions of the medication restricted for some people.

15. Penalties for using Tramadol illegally

Rescheduling of schedule IV medications such as Tramadol brings a higher penalty for illicit use, sale, and possession.

  • Having the substance can bring about crime or lawful offense allegations.
  • A few states can force a 5-year sentence for having Tramadol without the approval of certified doctor or prescription.

16. Is taking Tramadol will be dangerous?

As mentioned above, Tramadol carries only a low risk of addiction, abuse, and dependence but latest data is changing the view of the medication.

Refer to the accompanying data on treatment intake facility, emergency room visits, and suicide endeavors related to Tramadol in order to comprehend the threats of the drug.

Emergency room visits of people who used Tramadol non medically

Emergency room visits of people who affected by adverse effects due to Tramadol use

According to the graph, the Emergency Room visits rates has been increased for more than 30% only because of the use of Tramadol for non-medical purpose in the U.S since 1995 (year of substance approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

The emergency visits because of negative or side effects of Tramadol increased up to 400% from 2012 to 2017.

Tramadol medication facility

Tramadol – Age 12 and above (U.S)

All opiates

The above line graph displays the increase of Tramadol medication facility trend started from the year of 2008. Even though the overall counts of trends are low, it is too consistent and relatively high.

Form the year of 2004, Tramadol has demonstrated a critical increment in its inclusion towards suicide endeavors which presented in Emergency Room visit.

Tramadol may carry a lower chance of abuse when compared to other types of pain reliever drugs and other medications. And this viewpoint has the potential to increase the chances of getting the involvement in drug abuse because they consider that taking this medication may not harm. As a result, they take this medication for non-medical purposes which lead them to dangerous situations. Thereby, always consult your healthcare professional before starting to take this medication for your ailment.

17. Tramadol statistics

Overall rates of abuse: in 2016, Drug Use and Health conducted a National Survey and reported that over 2.8 million people using Tramadol without prescription or non-medically in the United States and the overall rate has been increasing from 2.3 million in 2015.

Abuse rate as per age group: of the 2.8 million people individuals who revealed that they are taking this pain reliever medication without the approval of a doctor, around 76,000 people were 12 to 18 years old, 15, 24,000 were 18 to 24 and 1.2 million were the age of 25 years or more than 26 years.

Prescription development: According to a recent report, Tramadol prescription increased up to 80% from 2016 to 2017, in number 11.65 million to 21.9 million

Emergency visits: In 2017, DAWN (Drug Abuse Warning Network) have reported that Tramadol related emergency room visits were almost 54000 people and 18000 people among that belongs to the category of non-medical Tramadol use.

Drug combination emergency visits: of the overall emergency room visit in 2017, 23% involved for Tramadol misuse, 18 % were used the pain medication with other drugs, 29.5% people combined Tramadol with other two different medications, and 29.5% people combined Tramadol with minimum three or more drugs. From the drug combination, 33 % used Tramadol with painkiller medications, 34 % mixed Tramadol with anxiety or sedatives and insomnia drugs, 12% combined the drug along with alcohol, and 14% mixed with illicit medications which are not approved by FDA.