Tramadol for OCDCurrently, 2-3 % of the world’s population is suffering from an anxiety disorder called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It is typically a chronic disorder, which happens to be one of the most under-diagnosed diseases. The severity of the symptoms of OCD can be diminished with effective treatment over time but its remittance is usually rare. If this problem is not adequately treated, most patients can develop a clinically significant disability, with symptoms that ascend and descend through the years bringing a halt to the patient’s social and personal life. Buy Tramadol medication to treat OCD in the best way.

Treating OCD with Tramadol

In cases of treating postpartum OCD, certain medication like Tramadol which is fast to act is being employed to increase the activity of serotonin. This drug was introduced to the public as an excellent medication for treating moderate to severely moderate pain. However, many people are unaware this particular drug can be prescribed for reasons other than pain. Recently more people, especially the untreated patients of OCD have been using it in an attempt to achieve rapid symptom remission.

How effective is Tramadol in treating OCD?

An analgesic, Tramadol binds to opioid receptors and inhibits the re-uptake of non-epinephrine and serotonin. The drug enhances the activity of serotonin, it can be considered as a useful initial treatment for patients with OCD owing to its low abuse potential, reduced physical dependency, and level of mild tolerance. Besides these, doctors also prefer to use tramadol to provide rapid symptom reduction during SSRI titration.

Although cases of rapid remission of OCD with the usage of Tramadol is being reported among the states, controlled and reliable studies are required to correctly demonstrate it’s effectiveness in the treatment of the problem.

What are the possible risks involved in using Tramadol for OCD?

Even though Tramadol is considered quite effective in curbing the symptoms of OCD and is believed to be extremely safe, there are some risks. Patients with a history of Head Injury, Epilepsy, or Seizures, Alcohol or Illicit Drug Abuse, Metabolic Disorder tend to be at a greater risk. If a patient with this symptoms happens to be under the use of any other type of narcotic pain medication, sedative, antidepressant, muscle relaxer, antipsychotic, anti-nausea/vomiting medication, or drug for treating mental illness, the doctor should be notified before trying to use Tramadol.

Patients with OCD should avoid the intake of Tramadol for pain relief during pregnancy and labor as it is considered unsafe for unborn babies in that it can cause serious side effects including neonatal withdrawal syndrome or even lead to death. Further studies and blatant research will endow us with a proper understanding of the neurobiology and effective psychopharmacology of OCD.

These risk can be overcome by using natural herbs instead of tramadol for OCD. Visit, to know about each type of anxiety disorder. You can also find that the best CBD oil for anxiety can help with the OCD problem.

Meanwhile, whether the usage of the analgesic Tramadol will eventually enter into clinical practice to serve our OCD patients, still needs to be established. It must be kept in mind that using pain-relief meds like Tramadol drug for reasons other than curbing pain might not be for everyone, its effect can vary from person to person according to their clinical as well as demographic structure.