Welcome to Wita-proteomics.com! Our mission is to empower you on getting Tramadol and natural painkillers like Kratom because we believe in “Getting Right Medicine from the Right place at the Right time will relieve you from pain”.

Tramadol is an opioid pain medication which works by altering the brain signals with the central nervous system. Tramadol has been the favorite and the most need medication for pain management due to its high medical benefits.
On the other hand, when we speak out natural painkillers, no other compound can beat Kratom effects on treating Pain. So how can one get this without falling into a pit?
Our in-depth analysis and guides have helped several people.

How It all started?
Wita-proteomics.com was started in 2001 by Dr. Andreas Kopke, CEO and Dr. Pascal Bolon, Director of Sales and Marketing.
It was high-resolution proteomics company involved in the high-throughput identification of disease-related proteins, with the purpose of identifying proteins of interest for the diagnostic, drug development and predictive toxicology markets through its High-Performance ProteomicsTM technology.
Then we drifted apart to help people by communicating the importance of medication in treating pain.
We also began analyzing and curating the best way to get these medications and natural remedy online in safer hand.

Who are we now?
We are now curator who gives variable information in getting the medication to treat the Pain. It may be caused due to many reasons and may also be due to protein deficiency. All these years there was a study and research going on to study the benefits of proteins on the human body. Now it is the time to imply all the study results in helping people in dealing with their pain with drugs and medication.

We are here to let all the readers aware of the medications like Tramadol and how it can be procured with safety. Now we are also into the research of the new era of natural pain treatments. The updates on natural remedy like Kratom, how it can be used and the best one to treat will be done after needful research and review.
As we had experiences in the field of drug development, we know how the industry would be. So, it is must to choose the right place to get your painkillers.

Our Team
At wita-proteomics, we believe that the right information provided only the authority people will be helpful. So here is our author biography.

steven carsonsIn the mid of 2016, Dr. Steven Carsons a specialist in Rheumatology joined in the crew and decided to provide valuable information about medication and natural wellness products to help people in order to improve their well-being. He’s been active in writing blogs and articles about pain and its treatment methods. All the medical content on this website has been reviewed some of them written by him.

Every information made on Tramadol and Kratom was purely based on the author’s research and understanding. It was done to create an awareness but taking it as a substitute for medical advice and making an important decision like buying based on the information provided here is customer’s wish. Here we are not promoting medication to buy just we are guiding to avoid making mistakes.