getting tramadol onlineBuying Tramadol online has a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage by far is the option of having the medication delivered right to your doorstep. A lot of online pharmacies utilize Fedex to make their deliveries around the country. One can also buy Tramadol directly from the manufactures with FedEx delivery.

FedEx has been a logistic giant for a long time and is known for their efficiency and professionalism. The customer receives periodic updates on the status of the shipment including estimated delivery time until they are delivered the package by a uniformed FedEx employee. The courier service currently can deliver Tramadol to 1800 cities in 30 regions. And they also have an added advantage of same-day delivery. In the domain of health care, where the patient requires Tramadol supply urgently, same day delivery is a boon. The courier service fulfills this need by ensuring same day delivery over multiple pin codes in the country.

The FedEx same-day service includes the following sub-options:

  • Priority – this is available all days of the week with pickup and delivery scheduled within a couple of hours.
  • Standard – this service is available only Monday to Friday and pickup and delivery is done in 4 hours
  • Economy – this is a cost-effective option available from Monday to Friday and delivery is done by end of the day
  • Route service – A custom service offered where the customer can opt for same-day delivery and pickup at multiple locations

Apart from this, there is also the regular delivery option where the Tramadol will be delivered within 4 to 5 days. Depending on the requirement a suitable option can be selected.

How to ensure your Tramadol is safely delivered?

 tramadol deliveryAs the transportation of Tramadol requires a little more care, to ensure the drug is not damaged or the quality not compromised during the transit, the courier service has introduced FedEx TranSmart to ensure that your package reaches you without any incident.

Additionally, transporting drugs has come under the radar by the authorities due to various reports of illegal drugs being imported, exported or sold without a license. Therefore while buying Tramadol online and using the fast delivery option, it is important to take some precautions to protect yourself legally and ensure that the package is handled properly. FedEx TranSmart is a third-party contract service that takes care of reconciling the shipment. The
following are the steps to be followed:

  1. The service requires that you send your prescription for Tramadol to all parties involved including manufactures, packager, and distributor. This is done using FedEx Express or FedEx Ground which uploads your prescription to your shipping file.
  2. When the Tramadol has been delivered, the driver is required to get your signature as proof of delivery which must match the signature on the original shipping file.
  3. The manufacturer, packager, and distributor must fill in the package tracking information and submit it to FedEx.
  4. The courier service then matches the above information to the original shipping file.
  5. This is the final delivery record. All these records are stored offline as well as online on a secured database for seven years after shipment as required by the FDA.