According to the latest reports, CBD users has been increased in large extent this year. Almost 90 percent of people who live near the Colorado region are depending on CBD oil as their trusted medicine. The effectiveness made CBD as a promising medicine for pain relief, which resulted in the growth of consumers.

Normally those who are suffering from chronic pain and arthritis will get doctor assistance and go for medical marijuana. It was also an effective medicine but there are always been legal restrictions applied and a possibility of misuse is there.  On the other hand, due to this opioid-related medicine, more than a hundred people died in 2016. And almost forty percent of them have just followed the dosage as per prescription. To eliminate these risks and also to continue treatment, you might need to find out the best CBD oil for pain treatment. Our article will help and assist you in finding out best CBD oil for pain treatment.

Reasons to try out CBD for pain relief

I guess you also have heard one of your friends or from family or somebody have suggested that CBD can cure all kinds of pain and that is CBD magic. We may think that its a bit too expressive but the real experiences we hear that proves that its true. CBD is effective for acute pain, headache, arthritis pain, chronic pain etc.

Also at this point, you may ask what’s the big deal? I could achieve it by simply swallowing a pill! The reason is standard usual pills make you felt relief but also they have their side effects. When it comes to CBD it is lesser than them. Also when it comes to the consumption method, CBD has multiple choices.

You can swallow, inhale, chew, eat also it can be applied as external pain balm. This choice is left open to the likes of the individual patient. If you don’t wanna smoke vapors you can choose oral consumption. If you don’t wanna taste it, you can mingle it in your favorite food. Also other options, CBD cream is there specially designed for an external purpose. You just need to rub it over the pain area in the skin. Within 30 minutes you will feel its effect. The most important thing is it does not have additional side effects like normal medicines. Also, it is non-psychoactive hence not addictive in nature. Also, CBD oil is prepared from hemp plants and it is not from marijuana plants.

How CBD works on pain?

how cbd worksUsing CBD oil for pain is no wonder, the practice of taking cannabis hemp oil for pain management have been there for many years. But these days, evidence and scientific acceptances over the use of any products that can be used for the medical condition is the must. In that case, CBD oil for pain is doubtful from the FDA point of view. Because still, they are running much research on taking CBD for pain relief.

Well, before discussing, how cbd works for pain, let us understand what is cbd in simple terms in case you are not that familiar with these natural compound.

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a naturally occurring component in hemp plants. This compound has the ability to alter the endocannabinoid in the human immune system to change the brain chemicals. As CBD interacts with a naturally present chemical compound in the body, it gives minimal side effects.

CBD interaction to treat pain

Scientists believe that we are just in the beginning stage of understanding the working mechanism of CBD over a human body. Previously marijuana is used to treat pain due to the presence of THC in it. CBD impacts over brain receptors present the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for immunity, sleep, memory, etc. The full spectrum oil which is prepared from hemp extract contains THC and also CBD too. Taking full spectrum oil for pain treatment is the best option which could cure pain and also we will enjoy the benefits of CBD. We need not to worry about the mind-altering effects of THC. CBD neutralizes the change caused by THC hence it is safe. CBD slow down neuron signals which are connecting to pain cells. This results in relaxation of muscles and reduces pain.

Pain symptoms for which you can try CBD oil

CBD oil can be suitable for many kinds of pain disorders. Nowadays it is mostly used for arthritis pain and anxiety. Rheumatoid Arthritis which is rare but a serious condition which causes inflammation over muscles and produces chronic pain. CBD oil can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces pain. Many people suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis started to use CBD oil nowadays. Stiffness in muscles, headache, joint pain, ankle pain etc can be treated by CBD balms and creams. CBD acts as excellent medicine to treatment for anxiety disorder. It acts as antidepressant and controls anxiety symptoms.  People can also take CBD oil for chronic pain due to its vigorous results with respect to pain treatment.

CBD oil seems to be better medicine than usual painkiller tablets, collar belts, and traction belts.

But how much cbd oil you should take for pain? This will be the obvious question as there is no doctor can prescribe this natural pain killer. To decide your CBD oil dosage, you can consult your The dosage level and CBD absorption capacity of the body differs from person to person. During the researches conducted in 2016, it is found and confirmed that CBD is effectively fighting against chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and multiple sclerosis. While comparing the gender basis, ladies suffer more due to pain-related disorders. Also, the woman users of CBD was more in number. CBD replaces marijuana by its property of reducing fibromyalgia pain. Also, CBD is useful in reducing pain caused by menstrual events in women.

Does CBD oil treat different types of pain?

5 reasons to switch to cbdThe answer is Yes! From several thousands of years, Marijuana has been
used for pain relief by humans. Now we have several legal restrictions for marijuana
usage. Now CBD became the perfect replacement for it. CBD is manufactured from
industrial hemp plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil is legal in almost 45 states of our
Many people are already using this famous organic product CBD oil in their
routine life. Though scientific researches have not revealed the mechanism, the usage
has been increased. The number of customers is telling it is an excellent
therapeutic in nature.

CBD is not properly regulated but it acts as a good pain reliever for
a human body. So to find out the exact mechanism; to prove it more studies yet has to
be conducted. But considering the user feedback and also collecting advice from
doctors; field experts regarding usage of CBD as a pain reliever, I present you this
article. You can try using CBD oil for the following kinds of pains.

Chronic pain

In one of the researches, scientists used CBD oil treatment to cure insomnia. In
that study, they found it is effective in reducing chronic pain symptoms. CBD interacts
with brain receptors and the immune system. After following trials of experiments, they
found that CBD is effective in continual usage. Those who are suffering from morning
stiffness in muscles and who are not able to follow normal human metabolism can try
out this medicine. This natural medicine is better than conventional medicine which
causes other side effects too. CBD balms and topicals are prepared for applying
externally for pain relief.

Arthritis pain

Scientists have confirmed that CBD consumption reduces arthritis pain activity.
Though the lab experiments are conducted by using test rats, they observed a change in
their behavior. The study is not conducted over humans but many people started using
CBD. Rheumatoid Arthritis is increasing in number nowadays and it is not curable by
usual medicine. This condition arthritis happens due to a change in the behavior of an immune
system. CBD impacts over endocannabinoid system slows down the immune cells’ communication
with a brain which eventually reduces the arthritis pain. Out there we are
able to hear many arthritis patients come up and convey us how CBD made them feel

Anxiety pain

Many of us are having a fast and stressed life nowadays which results in anxiety
disorders. Some of us are not able to have a peaceful sleep and anxiety patients were
increasing in number now. Change in lifestyle, food habits are the only solutions which
could avoid this condition. But unfortunately, many of us are situation dependent and
cannot make changes in routine life. If you are in the pursuit of natural medicine that
can also fit in your daily life, CBD oil can do that better. CBD oil relaxes pain muscles
and it lowers the heartbeat range. This will make the user relaxed more and able to
enjoy a peaceful long sleep too.

Inflammatory pain

This is also another pain which is associated with arthritis pain. This is caused
due to increased T-cell activity stimulated due to some reason not known. The T-cells
and White blood cells started to kill own red blood cells which result in inflammation in
muscles. This condition is not curable but controlled by usual pain medicines. If you
stop pain medicines, you will face side effects and it will increase again. CBD oil can
come as a handy solution. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and its slowdowns
the T-cells signal to the brain. It can also be used to treat seizures and sclerosis.

A headache

A common Headache happens to the human for various reasons like Digestion issues,
Stress, Depression, Weakness, Fever etc. Sometimes headaches happen as the side effect
of usual medicine too. CBD can cure a headache and will give you good sleep. It interacts
with brain receptors and impacts over the communication of brain cells to neurons. This
interference allows the impact of pain to get decreased. That’s why CBD balms and
pain relievers are effective and bought by many people from the market.

Back pain/Joint Pain

Due to technology growth, our working methods are changed and allied with
computers. In one way or another way, these computers restrict our physical activity and
normal metabolism. Also due to lower physical work, our food intake and body nutrient
intake also differs. This causes some new pain activities which we are not used to having
it before. Those who are having a profession which involves computers and have to sit
there for the entire day are having back pain. Due to the lower rate of body movements, blood
flow was much reduced which causes a malfunction in cells results in joint pain. This lifestyle
also has a risk of diabetes. Pain medicines, traction belt is becoming mandatory in
routine for some of us to handle it. The permanent solution will be the entire change of
work and life scenario which is not possible for many of our conditions. To seek out a
natural remedy which does not affect daily life/work and also clears our pain CBD oil will
be a perfect choice. I am hearing much positive feedback from users who tried out this for
back pain/ joint pain. They achieved freedom from collar belts and traction belts after
using CBD oil.


Many sports people are facing these regular problems like cramps, blood clots,
swelling in muscles, severe pain and injuries caused inner side of the skin. CBD could be
the best solution for them. When you apply CBD cream or lotion over your skin, the
medicine gets penetrated over the skin and starts soothing your pain affected area in
20 to 30 minutes. Many famous personalities have given a tryout and conveyed the
positive reviews of this CBD in social media.
From the above information, I hope you will be aware that CBD oil is not only an
internal medicine and it can be used for external purpose too. Consult your doctor to
know whether it is suitable for you. Let’s start CBD to soothe your body and fight against

CBD oil for pain review

The has interviewed few people who have taken CBD oil for various types of pain. One such interview as a review has been video taped and uploaded in their youtube channel. In that video, she has explained how CBD helps to treat her chronic pain, fibromyalgia. Check this video to understand how people are using it for their pain management.



When we try using pure CBD oil, it does not contain THC. For some people, pure CBD oil is enough and it cures their pain. Also for some other pure CBD oil is not much effective in their body. Scientists believe that CBD absorption capacity & tolerance levels in our body differs a lot due to genetic structure. So if the medicine cures pain for your friend, it may not be suitable for you even under increased dosage. If you found it is not much effective consult your doctor to get his suggestion and don’t increase dosages or any kind of self-experiments.

Full spectrum CBD contains all substances and nutrients which include THC and all they are naturally occurring from the hemp plant. So this full spectrum hemp-based CBD is the best CBD oil suitable to treat chronic pain. Always care to read the product labels to find out THC content lies within the limit.

The THC presence in this full spectrum may cause a fail result in the drug test. So always consult your doctor before starting this medicine. They will help you out in giving right suggestion and which will be the best solution for your pain.

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